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Thursday, July 9, 2015

August's Nursery

Now that August's nursery is almosttttt complete (and he will be making his debut any day now!) - I've been getting lots of questions asking where things are from and the exact color of his room, so I thought it was time to update everyone on some of the details.
What's left to do? A Pinterest inspired - pallet - wall-mounted book shelf on the wall right above our comfy chair; perfect for story-time! Also we are putting in a new light sconce fixture where that creepy bare bulb is currently :-/ ... we just have yet to find one we really like!

We went with a pretty neutral, easy on the eyes, woodland themed nursery - same as what his baby shower theme was.
 Needless to say, it goes well with our entire homes' decor. Rustic with some flair!

Room color : BEHR - Pensive Sky

Vinyl Birch Tree Decals : Etsy - Fab Decals 

Woodland Nursery Art : Etsy - studioQgallery

Woodland Nursery Art Frames : Christmas Tree Shops

Crib Mattress Sheet : Aden & Anais 

Changing Pad Cover - Aden & Anais 

Custom AUGUST JOHAN Moss Banner : Etsy - MoonFlowerNatureArt

Bear Plush Play Mat : Pottery Barn Kids

Side Table : Vintage re-painted via. MINE

Dresser : Ikea - Hemnes

Rocking Horse : Vintage

Fox Clock : Gifted

(not pictured because it's in our bedroom) 

Moses Basket Sheet : Etsy - ElskeLittleStyle
(not pictured because it's in our bedroom) 

(not pictured because it's in our bedroom) 

(not pictured because it's in our living room) 

4Moms Swing Insert : BabiesRUs - MamaRoo Swing Insert
(not pictured because it's in our living room) 

(not pictured because it's in our living room) 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Tnee's Tpees

In case you live under a rock & haven't seen or heard about Tnee's Tpees
These beautiful, handcrafted in the US unique Teepee's come in so many different color combo's, you'll want one for every room!
We recently purchased the Mason Teepee. I like to say it's for the baby but really I just cant wait to crawl up inside it with the dog (and the baby) in our den and call it a day!

Check out the amazing options of super creative, colorful and cozy Tpee's this adorable Mom & creator or Tnee's Teepee's makes!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Change Is Good

done and done. 
change is good!
when you don't have much control over lots of other things in your life... you have control over making changes & for right now that's fine enough for me!
...hellooooo new hairs!

Friday, June 5, 2015

On Hold

Hi world! 
Sorry to have disappeared for a few weeks ... With a heavy heart I'm sad to announce that our entire studio burnt down last week. We are currently dealing with our insurance companies, adjusters, partners, absolutely everything under the sun - hence the hibernation!
Luckily no one was hurt from the fire & things could have been worse even if it is a tragic situation. Most importantly everything that was destroyed and damaged are all physical/material things and can be replaced...we're so lucky that none of us were in the building when it happened.
 We're currently trying to stay positive and move forward in every way we can & get back up and running as soon as humanly possible!

Today we officially bought (our first time owning a building!) a new location nearby which will house our new & improved print shop, studio, offices, etc ! ...it also happens to be directly in front of a fire station; can't help but chuckle at the irony.

Unfortunately every piece of MAYA LUNE Vintage was completely burnt and destroyed - for now most things are "on hold" so to speak as far as business goes until farther notice! 

Thank you to all of our amazing friends and family & everyone that has reached out to help in any way possible during this crazy time - we are so lucky to have all of you & your love & support! 
We love you so much! <3

Fingers, eyes and toes crossed for all good things from here on out & that our business makes a speedy recovery!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Love It To The Maxx

Everyone knows i'm all for a great pair of soft, comfy, patterned pants! What's better than getting a good deal on a pair of these bad boys you ask?!...Not much, thanks to TJMaxx.
Today I picked up a pair of super soft and comfy Cynthia Rowley patterned pants at TJ's and am absolutely in love with them already & wish I had 10 pairs. The waist band is wide and almost yoga-pant like and basically feel like pj pants but are completely stylish & acceptable to wear in public. Being pregnant - comfort is key! Also now that i'm nearing the end of my pregnancy (so insane might i add!) I'm not really buying many more maternity clothes, just sizing up and finding a few new pieces to intertwine into my wardrobe - pregnant or not.

I recently saw a funny quote or meme that said "if you get things on sale it's like you're making money", & naturally I laughed and showed it to my husband because it's a joke between us that "we love a good deal".. because who doesn't really?! So when shopping at TJ's everything you buy you really feel like your'e saving money and getting a good deal - it's very dangerous.

All of the above can be shopped & found at TJMaxx & similar ones in most stores these days! Keep your eyes peeled and pick up a few pairs of patterned softies when you get a chance;
 I promise you won't regret it. 

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

28 Weeks!

Happy 3rd Trimester to me!!!!

If you're wondering where I have disappeared to the past few weeks - here is a quick update!

- We bought our house, moved in over the past 2 weeks (without renting a moving truck...pretty impressive!) 

- Painted pretty much the entire inside of our home (trim and all!) which has taken countless days and extremely late nights

- Got half of our new furniture shipped to us with no problems

- We got all new appliances & a gas line hooked up

- We started work on our guest house and should be done painting the whole inside by the end of this week!

- Got all new door knobs and light fixtures for every room in the house (including light switch plates)...

- Got a new grill & a lawn mower 

- Gardened and planted some flowers and bushes

- Had our whole house power-washed and ready for a new paint job in a few weeks!

- Had a few dinner parties (on patio furniture in our living room) :-/ 

... needless to say, we have had our hands pretty hand full these days!! There hasn't been enough hours in each day to complete everything we want to get done, but then I look back at all the things we have done in just 2 weeks and realize how quickly we move & to take a step back and remind myself to take a break!

I am now officially in my 3rd trimester and baby August is doing great, although this is oneeee tired Mama I can't wait to put together his baby crib that just arrived today!! <3 

* keep up with our house updates and daily journeys on instagram!*

Monday, April 13, 2015

Urban Home Accessories

With moving in to our new home we realized how much stuff we had in a small space - now spread out in to a bigger space, we're in need of some serious decor!
We went from an about 1,000 sq ft cottage to a 2,200 sq ft home with a 350 sq ft guest house - needless to say we need to fill in the gaps. 
Decorating and maintaining a beautiful home is probably my all time favorite and most rewarding part of my personal life that surrounds me on a daily basis. Theres nothing like coming home from work or anywhere for that matter to a space that makes you feel happy, comfortable, and really feels like a home & retreat where you cant wait to spend time.
 We have purchased quite a bit of new and vintage furniture for our new place, but decorating and maintaing a household is a forever, on-going and ever changing thing ! No matter how long I live in a place, there are always things to add and change around, which is what keeps things fun! 
Most weekends my husband Chris & I go prowling for treasures. "Treasuring hunting" is what we always call it. Any chance we get we head over to a few of our favorite vintage and up-cycled furniture stores to see what new gems we can score. Our house and decor style is definitely an eclectic mix of vintage, modern, farmhouse, industrial & whimsical!

When I want to find something specific (ie, in need of a shower curtain) I can always count on UO to have an even better version of what i'm looking for !
I picked up a hand full of goodies offline today from Urban to kick-start our new house's decor with a mix of what we already have. 
I can't wait to share some real photo's of the interior once we have painted !!!
Stay tuned ~