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Monday, April 13, 2015

Urban Home Accessories

With moving in to our new home we realized how much stuff we had in a small space - now spread out in to a bigger space, we're in need of some serious decor!
We went from an about 1,000 sq ft cottage to a 2,200 sq ft home with a 350 sq ft guest house - needless to say we need to fill in the gaps. 
Decorating and maintaining a beautiful home is probably my all time favorite and most rewarding part of my personal life that surrounds me on a daily basis. Theres nothing like coming home from work or anywhere for that matter to a space that makes you feel happy, comfortable, and really feels like a home & retreat where you cant wait to spend time.
 We have purchased quite a bit of new and vintage furniture for our new place, but decorating and maintaing a household is a forever, on-going and ever changing thing ! No matter how long I live in a place, there are always things to add and change around, which is what keeps things fun! 
Most weekends my husband Chris & I go prowling for treasures. "Treasuring hunting" is what we always call it. Any chance we get we head over to a few of our favorite vintage and up-cycled furniture stores to see what new gems we can score. Our house and decor style is definitely an eclectic mix of vintage, modern, farmhouse, industrial & whimsical!

When I want to find something specific (ie, in need of a shower curtain) I can always count on UO to have an even better version of what i'm looking for !
I picked up a hand full of goodies offline today from Urban to kick-start our new house's decor with a mix of what we already have. 
I can't wait to share some real photo's of the interior once we have painted !!!
Stay tuned ~

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