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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

28 Weeks!

Happy 3rd Trimester to me!!!!

If you're wondering where I have disappeared to the past few weeks - here is a quick update!

- We bought our house, moved in over the past 2 weeks (without renting a moving truck...pretty impressive!) 

- Painted pretty much the entire inside of our home (trim and all!) which has taken countless days and extremely late nights

- Got half of our new furniture shipped to us with no problems

- We got all new appliances & a gas line hooked up

- We started work on our guest house and should be done painting the whole inside by the end of this week!

- Got all new door knobs and light fixtures for every room in the house (including light switch plates)...

- Got a new grill & a lawn mower 

- Gardened and planted some flowers and bushes

- Had our whole house power-washed and ready for a new paint job in a few weeks!

- Had a few dinner parties (on patio furniture in our living room) :-/ 

... needless to say, we have had our hands pretty hand full these days!! There hasn't been enough hours in each day to complete everything we want to get done, but then I look back at all the things we have done in just 2 weeks and realize how quickly we move & to take a step back and remind myself to take a break!

I am now officially in my 3rd trimester and baby August is doing great, although this is oneeee tired Mama I can't wait to put together his baby crib that just arrived today!! <3 

* keep up with our house updates and daily journeys on instagram!*

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