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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Love It To The Maxx

Everyone knows i'm all for a great pair of soft, comfy, patterned pants! What's better than getting a good deal on a pair of these bad boys you ask?!...Not much, thanks to TJMaxx.
Today I picked up a pair of super soft and comfy Cynthia Rowley patterned pants at TJ's and am absolutely in love with them already & wish I had 10 pairs. The waist band is wide and almost yoga-pant like and basically feel like pj pants but are completely stylish & acceptable to wear in public. Being pregnant - comfort is key! Also now that i'm nearing the end of my pregnancy (so insane might i add!) I'm not really buying many more maternity clothes, just sizing up and finding a few new pieces to intertwine into my wardrobe - pregnant or not.

I recently saw a funny quote or meme that said "if you get things on sale it's like you're making money", & naturally I laughed and showed it to my husband because it's a joke between us that "we love a good deal".. because who doesn't really?! So when shopping at TJ's everything you buy you really feel like your'e saving money and getting a good deal - it's very dangerous.

All of the above can be shopped & found at TJMaxx & similar ones in most stores these days! Keep your eyes peeled and pick up a few pairs of patterned softies when you get a chance;
 I promise you won't regret it. 

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